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Zombies Must Die

Icon Zombies Must Die!



Game Type:

Main Game


Player 1:↑←↓→ Enter
Player 2: WASD Spacebar


Nitrome's 200th game

Zombies Must Die is a game that although looking like Nitrome Must Die, it's not a prequel because don't follow it's story. It features lots of Nitrome characters and enemies as Zombies, causing a zombie apocalypse. You can play and unlock new characters (the main ones are Austin and Justin) by killing certain kinds of enemies.


Player 1
Left Right Left, right - Move
Up Up - Jump
Down Down - Revive a zombified ally (if playing in multiplayer)
Enter - Shoot

Player 2
AD Left, right - Move
W Up - Jump
Spacebar - Shoot
S Down - Revive a zombified ally (if playing in multiplayer)


At a night in Nitrome Laboratories, Cuboy was helping the scientists with experiments, and a scientist asked him to put water in the room umidifer. By mistake, Cuboy put Zumbificatum Turnus (an untested experiment that could turn living beings into zombies) instead of water, corrupting everyone in the room that soon spread the plague though the world.

Austin Carter and Justin Bennet then woke up to find out the world had been filled with zombies, and went to destroy each one of the them, and find living people - even if they were Nitrome characters - to join a restance to get rid of the zombies and restore the peace of the world.


  • Does not contain gore or green goo, the enemies just explode when killed.
  • When dead, the player gets to be a zombie too. In multiplayer is it possible to revive the zombie player, but the zombie isn't controlled by the player and will attack the ally.